Thursday, April 5, 2012

But this is the Freemason fact

Crooked Information About Freemasonry

Surf in cyberspace with the Freemasons keyword. Except for Wikipedia, then you justfind the information that the Freemasons of the anti, from the Islamic community. Oneoutput LPPA Muhamadyah (1978) with the title of the book: The highlight of theFreemasons (a secret Jewish organization). In addition to writing also Harun Yahya:Global Freemasonry. A lot of the writings in various media Indonesia said that the Freemasons as a secret international Jewish organization that has a covert mission to destroy religion and replace it with the mission of Zionism. Therefore, the Freemasonsand his minions (Lion Club and Rotary) who was in Indonesia to be destroyed.Freemasons are also informed as worshipers of Kabbalah mysticism, and the devilLucifer as god. Horrible is not it?

Who are Freemasons?
Are groups of people in medieval England who was not judgmental at a Catholic lawwhen it contributed to state law. Catholic dogma is felt to be tyrannical with the name of God with the easily impose the death penalty for the breach, has led to the uprising of Europe, especially England that detaches from the Roman Catholic power. There thestart of the Freemasons are supported by the King the King of England in those days.England was split from the Roman Catholic government power. The first officialFreemason organization established in London by the name of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 which is still doing business expands its influence into all corners of the world followed by about 120 countries with approximately 6 million people. He became a secular organization of the century. Since its inception, Freemasonry teaches its members about the new philosophy of secularism and secular humanism, where the need for a separation between religion and state law, government, education, health,and ilmiah.Berkebebasan thinking, anti-tyranny and anti-dogma. Religion into the affairs of the human person. This teaching should be developed in the community by everymember, in order to build a community that felt better, that is berkebebasan thinking,anti-tyranny, anti-dogma, and the secular. The main philosophy is to respect of:rationality, the Godhead, and ethics.

They make the fraternity (brotherhood) that in order to maintain the pressure, especiallyfrom the Catholic church at that time, they kept what was discussed at the meetings.Together to learn to understand life and humanity through the history of humancivilization has begun yaang centuries. Therefore, in the Freemason rituals dramatizethe events and the return of human thought as an effort to commemorate and understand the human civilization is full of turmoil, war, oppression, tira
ni, and a never-ending conflict. Symbols used are long and triangular ruler as a symbol of intelligence and hard work (as a Mason or a mason). Form of secular ritual theater,using the altar as well as building the Temple of Solomon as a symbol of the completion of the issue was never a human life. Temple of Solomon on Mount Zion which is always a struggle between religions that was never completed. Temple of Solomon likened to a community filled with history and bloodshed.
Meeting the study of human civilization as well as a variety of philosophies, by itselfFreemason can only be followed by a group of intellectuals. Generally, they are highly educated people and have a good position.
In a short time, in the 17th century, the new philosophy spread to mainland Europe andthe colonies of European countries: Asia, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and theAmerican who was then a British colony. Also not left behind in Indonesia. BenjaminFranklin was the first American Master Freemason, George Washington - the first American president also Freemasons. As of 14 American presidents wereFreemasons. As well as European countries which eventually became a secular state,the U.S. became the world's largest secular state.

Development of a secular government and freedom of thought, bringing the conflict is not
only to religion but also a group of political extremists such as fascism and communism.So no wonder if we'll find a lot of speculation and get hooked with the many versions of both religious and political groups. Diinfokan that the Freemasons are a secret groupthat wants Illumination of Bavaria employed under the world. Information through aspeculative conspiracy theories are most excited is the book written by a Russianlawyer Sergei Nilus in the early 19th century who was a plagiarism from previousspeculative theories that developed in France.
Sergei Nilus's book is The Protocol of Elder Zion (Protocols of the elders of Zion).Freemasons and the Zionists collaborate contents will rule the world, a way to retake the hill to re-establish Zion and Paste King Solomon on it. This book which was later usedby Hitler's book Mein Kampf in preparing to fight the Jews. No less lively speculationthat task Freemasons The Templar, the Catholic soldiers of the 12th century whowanted to seize the hill Zion and Jerusalem from the hands of Islam. Freemasons arethe same as the Zion diisyukan-titual ritual pagan mysticism Kabbalah and Ancient Egypt, as well as the practice of magic and astrology.
Even the recent speculation, Freemasonry is a New Ager who haunts like to make the world's population to be an atheist. For all of the speculation and conspiracy theoriesand has been denied by the Freemasons themselves, but this information seems to bean important document for an anti-Freemason who is actually to understandsekulerismenya. And hence we can "poisoned" by it. Especially if used to fight jihad andthe American West by shouting that the Americans and Europeans are Jews and Zionhenchmen who must be resisted by the Heavenly religions.